About our vision – Kimia Living

About our vision

Kimia Living


KIMIA is a feminine given name in the Persian language, in which it means elixir of life, alchemy, or the philosopher's stone. In ancient Persian poetry, KIMIA means "rare" or "unique.", so we are here to do our best to make your living unique and different than others.

KIMIA LIVING is a group of professionals to care about your home, starting from furniture design and selection of all accessories you may need to put it in your house.

We are doing a new furniture design and manufacture, Even if you have an old furniture and you want to keep it, we can convert it back to a new condition – depends on the furniture situation -, we can do a full new upholstery, changing your fabric and even repair and fix any wooden failure in the units.

Moreover, if you have any technical problems in your home, KIMIA LIVING can support you with our professional team to help and provide a whole solution for the challenge, including manufacturing all of your furniture and/or any other work in your home.

Finally, you can do everything with KIMIA LIVING; our target is to make you manage all your living with only us.